Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide: BFF

Christmas Gift Guide: BFF

Hey guys! So starting today I am going to be doing gift guides for the different people in your life. The first one is going to be gift ideas for your best friend, keep in mind my best friend is a 16 year old girly girl so I am sorry if your best friend is a 30 year old man who is in to football :) Anyways I loveeeee this time of year, the lights, trees, sparkles and FOOD are amazing and make me so happy! I am going to the mall for the whole day this weekend so I can cover my shopping, I hope you guys are just as excited about the Holidays as I am. (BTW: Clearly any of the gifts can be given to your friends and family no matter what Holiday you celebrate. <3)

This is such a cute gift set to get for a friend, this is a set from Victoria's Secret gift set in the famous scent Love Spell. Its such a fun, girly, floral scent that is perfect for you best friend who loves to pamper her self. Not to mention that all the sets come in the cutest tins, bags and boxes. 

Another gift that I love to give my friends is earrings from Forever 21 because I can pick out a cute pair of earrings then look at the price and see that they are no more than $5. THATS CRAZY! :O That one of my favorite things about Forever 21. What I like to do for my friends is get them the pair of earrings and I like getting ones that I know will match there personal style. Example: One of my friends is really funky and likes to follow the more daring trends and has more of a "rocker" look to her, so I would not be getting her a pair of pearls. Then with the earrings I will give them a gift card for Forever 21 so they can get something else that they can pick out. 

A sweet yummy candle is a great gift, sometimes it is hard to pick out a scent because a lot of times people are picky about what they want there bathroom and bed room to smell like. However if you are getting this gift for a girl I would go for a sweet yummy scented candle. One that I would say is hard to go go wrong with is Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works, its light and girly and I loveee it! 

How cute is that make up bag?! Another gift (most likely my favorite) is to get a cute little makeup case and fill it up with a trendy nail polish, a cute nail file (Clair's, Ulta) lip gloss, a cute ring, earrings, and a candy cane. Really anything that small and cute that you know your friend would like you can toss in. Its a really nice gift that any girl would LOVE to get. 

I hope you guys like and can use this guide for your Holiday shopping!!
<3 Happy Shopping :D
xoxo Sarah

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Today I am talking about Taylor Momsen's style, which i loveeeee! I am very girly at heart but I look up to any girl who can own a bad ass rocker look. In the set above I put together two outfits that I thought represented her style. Somethings that she loves to wear are plaid, black lace, boots and lots of layered jewelry. Jewelry with chains, studs and crosses are a must! In many of her pictures and on Taylor is seen wearing a leather jacket over many of her outfits. 

As for her make-up and hair she does not stop with the edgy-ness. She wears lots of jet black eye liner smudged all over her eyes, and pairs it with nude pink lipgloss. It is a striking and stunning look. 

As you can see in the picture Taylor has a razor cut bob with sharp layers and long choppy bangs. 

Hope you love Taylor's look as much as I do!!!

XOXO Sarah <3

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Skin Care

Clean Start Skin Care System 

For the past few weeks I have been using 3 products from Dermalogica Clean Start line.  I LOVE how cute and fun the products are not to mention how well they work!! I have combination skin, meaning that my T-zone is some what oily and my check area is much more dry. 


1. I start with the foaming face wash (Wash Off). This soap smells so fresh and clean, because it foams up so much you really can feel in giving your pores a deep clean. Something cool about this wash is that you can use it on your body if you get break outs in other places. 

2.  Then 2-3 times a week i use a scrub and mask. Its called ready, set, scrub! This is by far my most favorite product out of this line. It is a clay masque and a scrub all in one! You apply a thin layer all over a clean face, after you let in sit for a few then you wash it away with warm water. It has grains in it that takes off all your dead skin. After you wash it all away you will feel like you just walked out of a spa!

3. After I wash my face I use the Brighten up spf15 lotion. This is such an amazing moisturizer, I am always worried about being shinny so I love how light this product this is. It also has a light tint so if you are not a make up girl you could always just use this. One thing that I am very bad at is putting on sunscreen (and i found out that it can help keep your skin young and healthy). So the fact that this has spf is so helpful! 

I really hope you guys check out this line!! Its great and I cant wait to try more of there goodies! 

If you cant tell I have been on a blogging kick :)

XOXO Sarah 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bath and Body Works Haul!!!

Bath & Body Works

A few days ago I went to the mall and could not get over how cute Bath & Body Works looked with all of the Holiday decorations up. Not to mention all the fun smells, it was so over whelming but some how I was able to pick out a few items. 

  • I got a Twisted Peppermint candle and the Twisted Peppermint oil for the scent bug. I LOVEEEEEEE this scent... its so sweet and mint, it really reminds me of candy canes and all the other sweet treats that come in my stocking. 

  •       I also got a candle and oil in the scent Iced Gingerbread, if you like warm, spicy scents then this is the one for you. It has such a warm smell that reminds me of the cozyness of Christmas but still has a soft note that makes you crave home made treat. 

  •           I also picked up 3 hand sanitizers:

                 Winter Candy Apple 

                 Pink Sugarplum 

                  Vinilla Bean Noel 


XOXO Sarah 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

TAG!! Your it!

Hey :) So I found a tag on a different blog and I want you to get know me a little more and I am tagging all of you because I want to get to know you more! :)

1. Play any sports? Not at the moment, I used to play soccer

2. Favorite color? PINKKK

3. Favorite things to do? Hang out with friends and SHOP!

4. Favorite food? Sushi <3


6. Favorite books? Anything by Jodie Picoult

7. What do you draw when you doodle? Hearts and quotes ( I doodle alottt)

8. Have a talent? I can sing and i'm not bad at drawing

9.  Favorite splurge item? SHOES

10. Favorite drink? Water, Green Tea or Dunkin Iced Coffee

11. Favorite ice cream? Anything fruity ...yumm

12. Favorite show? PLL and Gossip Girl

13. Any advice? Be around people who think that even your flaws are perfect <3


xoxo Sarah

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

I LOVE Lauren Conrad!! I think her style is so effortlessly classy and beautiful. I really like how she pairs really dressy pieces. Like in the first outfit, a black t-shirt (which i think most everyone has) paired with a cute bold skirt looks stunning with out looking like your trying to hard. As for the second outfit a dress in a unique color in a classy cut and nude pumps is perfect out for a night with the girls! 

If you like posts like this please msg me and tell me any other celebrities you would like to see sets on. 

Hope you enjoyed it..

XOXO Sarah

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Nail Polish

My Top 5 Fall Nail Colors!!! 

1. Honk if you love OPI

This is suchhhhhh an amazing color!!! I am a huge fan of the deep purples for the fall. I really have never been daring enough to go all they way, and do a black but i love colors that almost look black from far away. This purple is a really creamy dark plum and its so stunning. 

2. Road House Blues

This color happens to be from the same collection as Honk if you love OPI (Touring AMERICA) its the 2011 Fall collection and i LOVE so many of them.  I think this royal blue is such a fun pop and its so playful for fall. 

3. Limited Addiction by Essie 

Again this polish is so stunning and i think adds a great touch to a more muted outfit. This color will look amazing with any skin tone.  Its the perfect red for fall! 

4. Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen  

Many might think that you have to go all dark and vampy for the fall time. I agree thats classic and there are so many amazing deep shades.  However i think the perfect light color adds and unexpected pop to look.  I really like this one because it still has a light grey undertone. 

5. Taunting Teal by Sonia Kashuk

I love love love this color for fall!!!! It's an amazingggg deep teal that will look great on any one!! It will get people looking trying to see just what color it really is! I think the name fits it well. 

Comment telling me your fav fall shades! :) 
<3 Sarah 

*NONE of these pictures are mine. If yours is here or anywhere else on my blog, message me and i will remove it at once! :) 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

D.I.Y Lemon Toner

Lemon Toner
Hello everyone! So have you ever herd the saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade"? Well i say when life gives you lemons make lemon toner!! 


4 1-OZ. Plastic Bottles with lids

4 OZ. of Witch Hazel

12 drops of lemon essential oil

(If you could not tell from the bottles...this fills 4 1 OZ. bottles)

STEP 1: Pour 1 oz. of witch hazel into each bottle

STEP 2: Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil into each bottle and shake well

How to use:

Pour the toner onto a cotton ball. On a clean face, dab the cotton ball all over your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Keep doing this if your skin still feels oily. 

This lasts about a week because there are no fresh ingredients.



XOXO<3 Enjoy <3 Sarah 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TREND TIME: Fall Edition

Fall Trends
Hey girls and guys!! So I don't know about you but i loveeee fall! Its so cozy and the trends are always soooo cute and trendy. I love adding different trends to my personal style. 
This fall there are many trends I have been seeing on the runways and in the magazine's that can be altered to fit into your everyday style. Adding touches of different trends are a great way to update your style with out spending thousands on a whole new wardrobe. 
  1. Crimson Eye Shadow

I love love love this look for the fall! Its so stunning and really warms up every ones eyes. No matter what color eyes you have this is going to look AH-MAZING on you. You can make it more dramatic by working the shadow into your crease as well as on your eyelid. Or keep in more simple and put it right on your lid and carry it under your eye (on your lower lash line).

Here are a few of my fav Crimson Shadows:

Rule by MAC (matte)

Mythology by MAC (lustre)
Copper/Crimson Shadow in Dazzling Metallics Cover Girl Trio #119

2.                                                                          Peek-a-Boo

Lace has been popping up all over different clothing items and i love it!!! Its really girly and sweet. I have seen this trend on sweaters, shirts and even jeans! No matter what store you go to i think you will be able to something with this trend. I got this purple shirt at Macy's for $19.99. This shirt has the lace detailing just in the back and i think it transforms a simple shirt it to a very cute one. A hit of lace is sexy with out being over the top, you want to give then somethin to think about ...right?!     

3.                                                                       Girls Gone Wild

A splash of animal print is so hot, and really big this time of year. It adds an unexpected pop to any outfit. My fav print is by far leopard, i'm very against using real furs and prints...i think there are so many other options. Thats a rant for another time. I think adding the animal print to your outfit with a killer pair of heels like the ones above is KILLER! <3 However there are soooo many great ways to add this trend into your closet. I have seen animal print blazers, bags, shirts, scarves and so much more! So yes you can spend a fortune of a pair of animal print Louis Vuitton heels or find a cheeper option some were like forever 21,, and really any department store.  

Hope this was helpful!! Please comment and let me know if you like the "Trend Time" kind of posts. 

Thanks so much! <3 xoxo Sarah

Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome To My Blog :D

Hey everyone! I made this blog because I want to share tips, and advice about most anything and everything. I'm well rounded and love to help others! I hope you guys like my blog, if you do please follow :) If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. My first "real" blog post will most likely be on tips for back to school. I could do a back to school fashion tips and trends post, or more of an advice post on how to walk in to school with you head up high. Sorry if you have already started school, maybe i will just do a fall trends post. Who knows...but please feel free to follow me and if you have a blog id love to check it out! 

xoxo Sarah