Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Nail Polish

My Top 5 Fall Nail Colors!!! 

1. Honk if you love OPI

This is suchhhhhh an amazing color!!! I am a huge fan of the deep purples for the fall. I really have never been daring enough to go all they way, and do a black but i love colors that almost look black from far away. This purple is a really creamy dark plum and its so stunning. 

2. Road House Blues

This color happens to be from the same collection as Honk if you love OPI (Touring AMERICA) its the 2011 Fall collection and i LOVE so many of them.  I think this royal blue is such a fun pop and its so playful for fall. 

3. Limited Addiction by Essie 

Again this polish is so stunning and i think adds a great touch to a more muted outfit. This color will look amazing with any skin tone.  Its the perfect red for fall! 

4. Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen  

Many might think that you have to go all dark and vampy for the fall time. I agree thats classic and there are so many amazing deep shades.  However i think the perfect light color adds and unexpected pop to look.  I really like this one because it still has a light grey undertone. 

5. Taunting Teal by Sonia Kashuk

I love love love this color for fall!!!! It's an amazingggg deep teal that will look great on any one!! It will get people looking trying to see just what color it really is! I think the name fits it well. 

Comment telling me your fav fall shades! :) 
<3 Sarah 

*NONE of these pictures are mine. If yours is here or anywhere else on my blog, message me and i will remove it at once! :) 


  1. Love the colours!!
    Especially 1 and 4!!


  2. Thanks!! :) I will check out your blog! xoxo